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We’ve Launched Our Brand-New Website!

As Detroit Techno Militia continues to expand and evolve, we’re thrilled to share that our digital presence is keeping pace with our growth. We’ve officially transitioned to a new, dynamic website, taking a significant leap beyond the capabilities of our previous host.

What’s New?

  • Back to CMS: Our new website is powered by a robust Content Management System (CMS). This shift back to CMS not only enhances the efficiency of our online operations but also promises a more seamless and interactive experience for our community.
  • User-Friendly Design: Navigate with ease! Our new layout is designed for intuitive use, ensuring you find what you need without the hassle.
  • Richer Content: Expect more in-depth information about our events, artists, and projects. We’re taking our content up a notch to keep you well-informed and engaged.
  • Enhanced Features: We’re incorporating new functionalities that will elevate your experience. From better media integration to interactive elements, there’s a lot to explore.

What’s Next? This launch is just the beginning! We’re already working on further enhancements and features that we can’t wait to unveil. Stay tuned for:

  • Interactive Forums: A space for our community to connect, discuss, and share.
  • Advanced Media Libraries: More music, videos, and exclusive content.
  • Personalized User Experience: Tailored content and recommendations based on your interests.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey! Visit our new website now and dive into the fresh, vibrant world of Detroit Techno Militia. Your feedback is valuable to us, so please let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we continue to improve and grow.

Thank You for Your Continued Support! Your enthusiasm and support fuel our passion and ambition. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter with you.

Visit Our New Website

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