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Detroit Techno Militia is a grassroots DJ and producer collective based in Detroit, Michigan USA.

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Detroit Techno Militia (DTM) is a powerhouse in the underground electronic music scene, passionately dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Detroit techno worldwide. Based in Detroit, Michigan, USA, this collective of DJs and producers is bolstered by RECON:313 members located in various states and countries. United by their love for Detroit Techno’s past, present, and future, DTM is a vibrant testament to the genre’s enduring appeal.

The collective is divided into two main factions: the DTM Home Team, featuring Detroit-based talents such as T.Linder, darkcube, DJ Seoul, Neil V., DJ Psycho, Annix, Doc Matthews, and Hazmat LIVE, and the DTM Recon:313, with global members including The Mercenary (Belgium), Loner.9 (Charlotte, NC), Maxx T (France), Shawn Rudiman (Pittsburgh, PA), Eno aka ?Confusion? (Florida), and DJ Energy aka Steve Crawford (Phoenix, AZ).

DTM is celebrated for its groundbreaking ensemble acts, especially the DTM 5×5, a first-of-its-kind techno group that features five DJs performing on five analog turntables. Their most notable performances include ‘313: The Hard Way’ at the Chicago vs. Detroit Boiler Room and a standout set at the 2011 Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival, which techno legend Claude Young cited as a weekend highlight.

Beyond their performances, DTM also runs a record label, initially in partnership with Cratesavers Muzik. After launching successful 12″ vinyl EPs, they took on full operational control. Their releases have garnered international acclaim, featuring on platforms like Dave Clarkes’ ‘White Noise’.

Their ethos is at the heart of DTM’s mission, as they continue to champion and evolve the legacy of Detroit techno music.

“We strive to preserve the craft of DJing, DJ culture, and camaraderie through the music that we play and produce. Everything we do is for the love of the music, and the respect we have for the artists who have inspired what we do.”

Angie Linder

Co-founder and Label Manager
“It’s a battle for the soul of the music.”
-Mad Mike Banks

Upcoming Events

Jan 12, 2023

DTM 2×4 (T.Linder & DJ Seoul)
Brisbane, Australia

Jan 13, 2023

DTM 2×4 (T.Linder & DJ Seoul)
Melbourne, Australia

Albums and Merch

Direct Effect EP (12″)

Released: 2016
Label: Detroit Underground/Detroit Techno Militia
Format: Digital Download, Vinyl

Tip of the Spear (3×12″)

Released: 2015
Label: Detroit Techno Militia
Format: Digital Download, Vinyl

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