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Shawn Rudiman Recruited to Join DTM

shawndtm2OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE // September, 20, 2011

Detroit, MI – USA The electronic music underground is abuzz with news that Pittsburgh, PA Techno & Electro producer, Shawn Rudiman has been recruited to join the ranks of Detroit Techno Militia’s elite RECON:313 division. Their mission is to infiltrate music scenes in the US and around the world.  Shawn is a long time friend and confidant who is highly regarded as a talented producer and a consummate professional.  His dedication and commitment to the craft has earned him a place in the crew and praise from his peers.  This strategic alliance between DTM and Technoir Audio is just the beginning of the sonic domination throughout the region and abroad.   

In 1989 Shawn Rudiman started production work with Ed Vargo as part of the seminal Industrial group T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion). This EBM/Elektro unit became quite popular in the EBM/Industrial music scene of the early to mid 90′s.  They released 4 full-length albums, countless remixes and compilation releases on both European and domestic labels. During these formative years, Shawn developed a fascination with vintage music machines.  In 1997, he decided to stray from his Industrial-EBM roots to explore the depths of pure rhythm and sounds in Techno music.  At this time he also relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.   The transition from industrial to techno presented a challenge due to the difference in sound layers, structures and refinement of rhythms, but results proved positive. He began producing Techno and experimenting with live sets at the same time.

Rudiman’s all live sets of non-stop, improvised techno became his trademark. His innate understanding of hardware drum machines, sequencers, samplers and synthesizers gave his performances the fluidity and smoothness of any DJ set, but entirely flexible in direction and tempo (well before the introduction of software live applications). These performances gained international attention throughout the global Techno community and have become the stuff of legend.

Soon after, Shawn started HyperVinyl Records with Trevor Combee. This led to a longtime friendship with Detroit Techno legend, Anthony “Shake” Shakir and releasing tracks with Dan Bell on his label: 7th City Records. Since then Rudiman has had releases on Matrix, Cache, Finest Blend, Neutonmusic, X-Trax, Sound Architecture, 11th Hour and several others.

He and friends Jwan Allen and Adam Ratana currently run Technoir Audio, an imprint with a dozen vinyl releases and a full-length album. Today he resides somewhere in Pittsburgh, still releasing records and remixes. Always a consummate producer and studio enthusiast, Shawn maintains, repairs and builds analog and vintage synthesizers while keeping a busy international touring schedule.

// Detroit Techno Militia is a record label and a grass roots DJ/Producer collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music and its proliferation around the world.  We believe in what we do, and take pride in contributing to a tradition that has deeply inspired us. Detroit Techno Militia soldiers work to maintain and preserve the significance of techno made in our native city.  Detroit Techno Militia was founded by Tom & Angie Linder and has since grown to be one of the most active and prolific crews in Detroit.  


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