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New DJ Mix from Dimitri Pike

Check out this new mix from DTM:RECON313 DJ Dimitri Pike!  This mix will take you on a deep, funky exploration of some of the best tracks the world has to offer.  Derrick May and Abdul Qadim Haqq in the intro.  Unlimited free downloads and tracklist are available on the soundcloud page.  Enjoy!

Dimitri Pike // DTM:RECON313 // DJ Mix by detroittechnomilitia

Universal Techno Sample - Derrick May & Abdul Qadim Haqq (Unreleased)
Regis - Montreal (Downwards)
Gescom - Untitled (Gescom)
Armando - Transaxual 'Damon Wild Remix' (Radikal Fear)
Underground Resistance - Codebreaker (Underground Resistance)
Surgeon - Untitled (Dynamic Tension)
Substance & Vainqueur - Emerge 0 (Chain Reaction)
Darren Price - Phizz (Novamute)
KC Flight vs Funky Junction – Voices ‘A Capella’ (Hooj Choons)
Dj Tool - Pad Human Traffic (Unreleased)
Shed - Leave Things (Ostgut Ton)
T Linder - Respect 'A Capella' (Detroit Techno Militia)
TNI - Mad Situation (Force Inc)
Elektrabel - E03 (6277)
Luke Slater - Freek Funk 'Steve Bicknell Remix' (Novamute)
Erosion - 1 (Chain Reaction)
DJ Tool - Plastikman Voices (Unreleased)
Prhizzm - I Miss You Already (Benbecula)
Mitoma - Ending (Section 27)
Mind Over Midi with Hilde Drange - Echo 'Remix II' (Beatservice)
Gescom - Cicada (Gescom)

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